Reviews and Testimonials

“I love them! I kept getting sick and was using crappy pillows, so I wanted something organic with no synthetic stuff. Maybe coincidence but I haven’t been sick since I switched! And they’re so puffy and comfy! Thankyou!” -Jemma W (21/08/2019)


“Looking forward to be able to use my second set of sheets …🙂 Thank you so so much for your help and your patients. Looking forward to purchasing a doona sometime soon Again thanks for everything you have done…happy customer. Have a lovely week..🙂🤗 Cheers sue” -Sue (19/08/2019)


“Can’t recommend yohome enough for great quality products – I’ve got their sheets and towels and they’re absolutely soft and perfect even after many washes!” -Olivia S (13/08/2019)


“We absolutely love our Yohome sheets and doona covers. This was our second purchase from you as we enjoyed the first set we purchased so much. The sheets feel soft, smooth and luxurious, they don’t pill, they wash extremely well, no problems with stains or discolouration, they drape nicely and they look good 🙂 Very happy with our purchase and will purchase again :)” -Michelle (10/08/2019)


“So far I am enjoying the doona set and quilt. I have noticed my nights of sleep to be very comfortable and fulfilling. I had never felt bamboo bedding before and was surprised at how soft the sheets are when I first got them. The doona is the perfect in between, not to heavy yet enough to feel like I am being hugged consistently.” -Abbey M (10/08/2019)


“I love my sheets so much I recently bought 3 doona covers as well earlier this week. One of these was for my sister and she loves them too. I’ll definitely be back to buy more. They have such a lovely feel to them and wash really well.” -Michelle H (09/08/2019)


“Yes, we love the new doona cover set. The teal adds a whole new dynamic to the room and I love that we can still have white too.” -Emily (9/08/2019)


“I am very fond of my sleep shirt because it is so long. I wish all shirts were this long!” -Kalu (9/08/2019)


“The colour is perfect and quality is amazing. Thank you so much for extending the discount for us, we are so very happy 😍” -Sarah M (9/08/2019)


“I am absolutely loving the quilt! Best purchase I have made all year! And the shipping was super quick!” -Karissa (8/08/2019)


“We bought them for our boat and they have been fantastic! You were the only people who sold flat sheets separately which we needed as we have a V berth to cater for. They are great and thank you.” -Fiona W (6/08/2019)


“I specifically ordered your mattress protector mainly because it’s bamboo fibre & also because it ‘does not’ have a waterproof backing. Feels like I searched the web just for this 1…. 🙂 I’m over the moon with the product” -Gloria W (05/08/2019)


“Hello! I recently purchased some sheets which you were so kind to extend the discount code for us. Just wanted to say i love them! Feel so soft and luxurious. We got given some from another company and they feel so rubbish in comparison, plus they have piled and pulled threads after one use 🙁 Where as yours feel a tighter weave and stronger. So happy with them!” -Sarah N (4/08/2019)


“I recently ordered an all season quilt as another spoil for myself for winter, and it has been a game changer! I don’t know how I survived winter before, I didn’t know what I good quality quilt was! I love my high quality bedding, It is an investment for life & I look forward to adding to my collection over time.” -Emily C (2/08/2019)


“I first ordered a Dove Grey bedding set as a splurge for myself before moving house & starting a new chapter in life – my vision for my new room included beautiful bamboo bedding. I have loved my set & it has been my one & only set for almost 2 years! The quality is good as new & I love the weight and softness of the fabric.” -Emily C (2/08/2019)


“The best bedding we have every owner in our home. We can’t wait to deck out the spare bed with them too. Kids beds when they come as wel!” – Charlie (1/08/2019)


“Received the Doona cover in good time but noticed some fraying on the button holes. Contacted yo home who was very quick to respond.  After sending a photograph to the supplier turn out it was the stitching with loose thread but not fraying, so thats a relief.” -Irene T (20/07/2019)


“Both myself and my husband love it… solved many a problem with blankets and we have found our kittens also love it.” -Jo-Anne C (18/07/2019)


“We love our quilt. We’ve divided the 200gsm from the 300gsm and put them into separate covers. I toss the top one off when I’m too hot and my partner stays snuggled under both. It’s perfect :)” – Eva J (1/07/2019)


“Just thought I’d say a big thank you, our family love your bedding. The most comfortable I’ve ever experienced. We are upgrading from a queen bed to a king and the first thing I did was jump on and make sure I’d order in time to have your sheets straight back on our bed. Worth the investment. Thank you again.” – Kayla C (30/06/2019)


“I absolutely adore my sheets, I actually had some in queen size but upgraded to a long a size bed so having to get new bedding. I can’t wait to get more..and to get some for my little boy when he grows and goes into a big boy bed” – Ally O (20/06/2019)


“I honestly think my bed is almost too comfortable, very hard to get out in the morning. Especially now there’s a cool crisp to the air!”  – Fraiser G (19/06/2019)


“I absolutely love my Bamboo Sheets/Quilt Cover! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and have been bragging about your company to all of my friends, family and work colleagues.” – Kelsey B (19/06/2019)


“Have now bought quite a number of things from Yo Home (doona set, lightweight quilt and charcoal towels) and have loved everything! The sheets are divine – will never sleep in cotton again! The staff have also been absolutely amazing, with my first purchase there was an issue with the delivery and they could not have been better about it.
Will definitely be back for many more purchases in the future.” – Brooke N (18/06/2019)


“My sheets are nice! Like- smooth and warm- normally in winter I put my fleecy sheets on- but I reckon the bamboo ones are just as effective, if not more so! I’m surprised to be honest! But it’s nice!” – Fiona T (15/06/2019)


“Loving them, I really do adore your linen and will most likely buy some more when I’m able to.” – Claudia M (15/06/2019)


“I am so so in love with my sheets and was so excited to receive them in the mail. They make it very hard to get out of bed” – Bree W (13/06/2019)


“I absolutely LOVE my doona, it is incredibly soft, and I’m really happy with true colour I chose. I love it so much I think I’ll get some sheets too! I’ve recommended Yo Home to friends and one of them has placed an order.” – Karly S (12/06/2019)


“Your cover set is absolutely beautiful I love it! So soft and comforting but also very breathable. Even my boyfriend commented on how nice it was!”  – Lydie D (08/06/2019)


“Excellent product. Will definitely order more. Thanks so much : )” – Evelyn L (08/06/2019)


“Absolutely amazing product! Packaged well, delivered fast. Highly recommend!” – Jakob C (07/06/2019)


“The best product and the very best of service, highly recommended.” – Matthew M (07/06/2019)


“I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service. My daughter received her Birthday present on time and absolutely loved it. Once again, Thank you very much for making the ordering and the delivery so smooth.” – Sonia (04/06/2019)


“Thank you again team for our amazing bedding 🙂🙂 we looove them! You guys are amazing x” – Lauren M (01/06/2019)


“I have to say I love all the products that you guys have. I have a bamboo sheet set and quilt cover and they are just so soft!” – Melissha K (22/05/2019)


“I am loving my YoHome bamboo quilt and sheets! I’ve only got good things to say about them.” – Jessica S (19/05/2019)


“I’m obsessed with my new bed cover and sheets! I’ll never buy another brand of bedding! I’ve recommended you to all my friends and family! I have the greatest nights sleeps and my bed looks amazing” – Jess C (10/05/2019)


“I’m absolutely loving my quilt cover, its super soft and a dream to sleep in! Thank you so much, it is a great product”  – Bree (03/05/2019)


“I absolutely love my striped set, not only does it look amazing but it feels amazing. I have ditched all of my other sets now and will definitely be purchasing more of yours.
My partner approves too and we have been having more settled sleeps. Thank You for an amazing product, and also loved the personal touch to the delivery with the handwritten thanks! X” – Maddison O (18/04/2019)


“I am loving me eye pillow very much and it has helped me relax alot – i will be recommending you to alot of people due to your amazing customer service”  – Jess T (15/04/2019)


“I love my bamboo sheets. I bought one set to see how I liked them and then just couldn’t change back to my old sheets. Consequently, I bought more bamboo!” – Nikki D (22/03/2019)


“We are absolutely loving our new linen. They are so soft and comfortable and happy to know that they stay that way after washing! Very happy. Thank you.” – Dana A (18/03/2019)


“I’m so pleased with my latest purchase! The color is always perfect, and the most comfortable bedding I have ever owned hands down! You have a customer for life!! 😊 Thank you for the excellent customer service, and of course an amazing product! Cheers!” – Erin R (03/03/2019)


“The sheets are absolutely amazing. It was very hot here in Queensland when we ordered the sheets and the first night we had them on the bed my partner didn’t sweat at all. They are lovely and soft and have that silky texture while still allowing air circulation. We will definitely be buying again in the future.” – Torinda (03/03/2019)


“Love my Pewter quilt 😍 perfect temperature for it currently!” – Mell S (01/03/2019)


“THANKYOU! Soo obsessed with your products! Sounds ridiculous but they are legit the only sets I can sleep in. Everything else I buy I physically can’t sleep cause I’m so uncomfortable. It’s like I’m in a cloud – They are the best!! THANKYOU 🙏🏼 I’m sure I’ll be investing more soon when I move to syd!” – Jordon S (28/02/2019)


“The best ever! I have trouble getting out of bed because the sheets feel so damn good on my body lol” – Sammi (15/02/2019)


“I have bought sooo much from you in the last couple of years and now I have converted my whole family, my hubby, sister, my parents, even some friends to transforming our houses into what almost looks like a Yo Home magazine haha! We love your stuff!!” – Jodie L (30/01/2019)


“Thank you for all of your incredible assistance after my purchase, I’ve got all of my goodies lined up and ready to go onto our bed once I receive our quilt cover set. I am more excited than a kid at Christmas, I can tell you! I have been using Bambusa sheets for over 7 years now; first finding out about them when I worked at a furniture store in North Queensland. Can you believe, I still have my very first set in silver – still going strong.” – Rachel F (15/01/2019)


“I love my Ivory Sheet Set! The colour is amazing & is perfect to pair up with so many other colours! THANKS YOHOME!!!!” – Narelle E (13/01/2019)


“Super love this shirt – it’s ridiculously comfortable. Let me know if you have plans to get these for men as I would love to grab one for my partner”  – Valarie M (11/01/2019)


“It’s beautiful, it’s bamboo, and it’s my favorite thing to hug during these rainy days in Byron hahaha!”  – Esther H (03/01/2019)


“I just wanted to tell you that I did a happy dance and squealed when I got home this morning and found a package on the doorstep! I opened them up and everything was perfect. I checked the stitching and the quality was exactly what I would expect from you and your team. I am super, super happy and I want to thank you for the amazing amazing customer service! You were so prompt and very kind. The little touches like the hand scribed hearts on the packaging and the language you use to speak to customers are great! Keep up the great work, you have a forever customer in me now.” – Molly N (22/12/2018)


“Words cannot describe how soft my new doona cover is! Thanks YoHome!!” – Dakota A (14/12/2018)


“The superior pillows I purchased a few weeks ago and they are by far my favourite pillows to nap on. My partner and I LOVE them, Im starting to think so do my nephews! Without fail they come into my room snuggling the pillow and have their little naps on my bed haha. I snooze off so easily myself and they’re great support for my neck. In the past I’ve woken up with a tight neck but sleeping on these pillows, I don’t want to get out of bed 😀 Thank you for making my wake ups more happy. I can finally wake up on the right side of the bed hehe.” – Serphina (24/11/2018)


“We are loving our bamboo sheets and doona cover! I rave about it to everyone! I will definitely buy some more in the future!” – Hayley Z (18/11/2018)


“I received my linen and I am blown away! My sheets feel like silk! I am looking forward to bed!”  – Nikki L (02/11/2018)


“Your bamboo towels are to die for, not only are they ridiculously soft and a perfect accessory to any bathroom. I have even been using them at the beach due to their large size.” – Christina W (15/10/2018)


“I’m really happy with sheets thank you, I got a new bed and quilt as well and it all matches well together, I honestly can’t get over how soft the sheets are haha. My only feedback is just to say thank you, my order came really quickly and it’s amazing quality so thank you!” – Sarah L (03/10/2018)


“I absolutely love my new sheets and doona cover set! I’ve had my eye on your bamboo sheets for over a year and finally decided to treat myself. They’re so soft and comfortable and have made my room look fantastic! I also really liked that the packaging was minimal and plastic free 🙂” – Laura A (18/09/2018)


“The most luxurious sheets I’ve ever slept in! Won’t buy anything else, Yo Home products are top quality and the softness is simply beautiful.” – Bliss (18/09/2018)


“The quilt cover is amazing, I have never loved my linen so much! I will definitely be loyal to YoHome in the future from now on!” – Ruby K (15/09/2018)


“Don’t even get me started on the softness of these bamboo sheets. I don’t think I will ever be able to sleep in a normal bed ever again. My standards are super high now!” – Alexandra C (14/09/2018)


“Thank you for sending my green tea bamboo sheets all the way to California! (only took three days to ship!!) Softer than I ever expected and extremely silky! My sleep since I have changed my mattress and bed linens.”  – Faith D (08/09/2018)


“I bought my white bamboo sheets, pillow cases and doona cover almost a year ago now and they are just as good as the day I got them. Honestly, the quality is amazing. I love knowing that something will last me a long time.” – Ivy K (07/09/2018)


“Received our quilt yesterday. OMG what a difference it has made to our bedding. This time I did not have to worry about being cold in the morning. Even though we live on the Atherton Tablelands it does get quite cold during winter. Last week there were four frosty mornings in a row, which prompted us to do something about our bedding, as though we have two wool blankets on the bed we were still freezing. But the quilt has made all the difference, now we get to sleep in a cosy warm bed, thank you! such a great product.” – Anne S (28/08/2018)


“You see the slight shimmer in the fabric – luxury! It’s a sensational texture to fall into after a long day” – Amy C (22/08/2018)


“My Bambusa Bamboo sheet set arrived! Took them straight out of the cute packaging and wrapped myself up in them. They feel amazing! Can’t wait to sleep in these!” – Kylie K (14/08/2018)


“They are absolutely divine making for a perfect nights sleep. Absolutely in heaven SO FRIGIN SOFT!” – Ashley D (08/08/2018)


“I officially refuse to buy anything other than my YoHome bamboo sheets” – Andrea H (05/08/2018)


“I am all about luxury and comfort when it comes to bedding. I have always been a 1000 Threadcount Pure Egyptian Cotton Sheets girl that is until I tried these babies, they are amazingly soft (better than cotton!) and eco-friendly… what’s not to love I feel like I’m on a cloud”  – Clara M (05/08/2018)


“Can I just say. OH MY GOD. You guys. Your doona cover set is beautiful, it’s so soft and fits perfectly to the Donna itself. My room also gets extremely cold in these Canberra winters (I mean, it snowed this morning! ). So I did a little test with the thermoregulation feature, I tried it with a blanket underneath the doona at first, because I was a bit nervous :joy:, I stayed warm .. so I tried it with just the doona, 100% I stayed warm, I didn’t feel cold at all. Even when I went to make my breakfast in the morning, it was still warm in there ! Thank you for a great set, I’ll be telling all my friends”  – Josephine B (29/07/2018)


“Outstanding sheet set. Everytime I lay in bed i always enjoy the feel of these sheets. Totally worth the cost and a purchase you will never regret.”  – Daniel F (28/07/2018)


“My first time using bamboo bedding – My sleep has improved & the temperature is always perfect. Could not ask for anything better.” – Indy B (22/07/2018)


“Even my partner noticed a difference when I put those bamboo fitted sheet on our bed for the first time (& he never notices any changes in our room, haha) – we are obsessed & will 100% be back for more.” – Paige A (22/07/2018)


“To say I am happy with my purchase would be an understatement! I love my bamboo sheets and will be placing another order as soon as my current order is paid off (afterpay, lifesaver!). Right from the start the service was amazing and Mell was so kind and helpful. I was surprised to receive my gift of a deo sample and can say that I absolutely love this product too! I have been having problems with deodorant causing itchiness and red rashes, but have had no issues with the Yo Home one at all.. And it smells amazing! I have already recommended it my friends and family and will continue to purchase it myself. Thank you for all of your help! I will be in contact again shortly to place another order”  – Kelsey B (10/07/2018)

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