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Men's Bundle Pack

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a man in your life? Then this is the place to be. Those bundle packs are made for men, that are want to live more eco-friendly and that love high-quilty environmentally friendly products.Read More

Main features of our bamboo socks range

Our bamboo socks bring with them natural goodness that you expect from a bamboo fiber sock; these luscious socks are a blend of cotton and bamboo fibers that gives them there extra strength, durability, and softness, that your hard-working feet need. As our socks are being made from a bamboo and cotton blend, your feet will be unbelievably comfortable all day long, and no matter what the weather is our bamboo socks will make your feet feel cold freshness on those hot sunny days, and are kept beautifully warm when the chill hits. Do you have sweaty feet? That's no longer a problem; as our bamboo socks make moisture wicked away from your skin, and foot odor will go away


Main features of our natural deodorants range

Our natural deodorant is produced using only natural plant-based powder ingredients to protect against wetness without adding any aluminum, which lets them sill have that gorgeous scents, without adding any synthetics. With a fast absorbing, nongreasy and nonsticky and all day protection, you can't go wrong with our deodorants.

All of our deodorants are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and our Schmidt's range are gluten-free, aluminum free, synthetic fragrance-free and free any chemicals like propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates. Why not give them a try, and feel the difference today.


Main features of our bamboo charcoal bath towels

Our bamboo charcoal fabric is filled with micro-holes that lets them efficiently absorbs more moisture while at the same time being resistant to mold and mildew! The natural dye of our bamboo charcoal fabric is achieved without any dyes - the natural color of the charcoal is what creates the fiber’s beautiful charcoal grey color.