Bamboo Doona Covers

With the superior ventilation and wicking properties, bamboo doona cover are dream to sleep under any time of the year. Prepare to develop an obsession with bamboo quilt cover.

Bamboo Doona Covers

Bamboo doona cover sets don’t get better than this. With the superior ventilation and wicking properties inherent to bamboo materials, these doona covers are ideal for all four seasons. From staying dry in summer to keeping cozy in winter, a bamboo duvet cover is a dream to sleep at any time of the year. Are you ready to experience the next level of slumber comfort? The fabric of these luxurious doona covers is, twill is woven with 100% bamboo, designed to prevent unsightly pilling and annoying shrinking, machine washable. Every Bambusa bamboo doona cover set is incomparably soft. No matter how high their thread count, cotton products just cannot match up! This means a bamboo doona cover is ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, including babies and infants. Double sized bamboo doona covers, queen size bamboo doona covers, king size bamboo doona covers & super king bamboo doona covers all available! Read More


The befits of buying a bamboo Doona cover set made from our 100% bamboo fiber

When you buy one of our 100% bamboo doona cover set, you get an incomparably soft for a luxurious sleep, due to our 100% bamboo fiber, all of our bamboo quilt covers, doona covers and pillowcases are far softer than any high thread count cotton linen. You also will get year-round comfort as our 100% bamboo fiber is thermo-regulating, which mean that our doona cover sets will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Most importantly its great for people with sensitive skin, with our bamboo fiber being naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and more absorbent than cotton which makes our doona cover feel excellent against your skin.

Comfort & Convenience of our bamboo quilt covers

Our super soft bamboo bedding was designed with comfort & convenience in the forefront of our minds! Thanks to Bambusa’s high-quality bamboo, you can enjoy blissful snoozing & dreamy dozing all year round. The exceptional ventilation and wicking properties of Bamboo fabric sheets ensure you will stay warm in cool weather & try when the temperature heats up! Bamboo doona cover can easily be cleaned in a washing machine, and this won’t affect their lifespan – a Bambusa quilt cover set will last many years and remain super soft and comfortable, even with regular washing. Bamboo quilt cover is also naturally hypoallergenic, which is excellent news for people with sensitive skin – just to name a few of the awesome bamboo quilt covers benefits!

One of the best things about our bamboo duvet covers and bamboo bed sheets is how they perfectly merge comfort with style - because everybody wants a bedroom that looks beautiful and a bed that is easy to fall asleep on! The fabric of our luxurious bamboo linen is:

  • Luxurious feeling – everything from our Bamboo Quilt covers to our bamboo summer quilts are made from 100% bamboo fiber. This means they are softer than any high thread count material such as premium cotton, which makes them simply outstanding to sleep with.
  • All year comfort - Bamboo fiber is thermo-regulating, so these duvet covers are perfectly snug in winter, and Bamboo cooling sheets are far cooler in summer.
  • Beautiful luster - Our bamboo duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcase sets look easily as attractive as they feel, thanks to their very appealing natural sheen. They retain their lovely luster even after washing.
  • Stylish and simple - The plain design of our bamboo quilt cover sets is free from unnecessary embellishments and embroidery, also looks contemporary and feels smooth to the touch. There are just a few neat buttons at one end, to close the duvet inner.
  • Soft on Sensitive Skin – Our bamboo duvets cover sets are naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. They are also far more absorbent than cotton and wonderful against the most sensitive skin.

Every Bambusa doona cover set is incomparably soft. No matter how high their thread count, other cotton & even bamboo cotton products just cannot match up! This means our bamboo fiber quilt covers are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin, including babies and infants as well as being the most comfortable doona cover around!


Made from 100% organic bamboo, our bamboo quilt cover set's makes for the perfect non-toxic bedding option! Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material with environmentally conscious consumers because it’s one of the most sustainable resources available. When harvested correctly, bamboo regenerates itself indefinitely without any human intervention or synthetic materials (fertilizer, pesticides, etc.) Because our bamboo doona cover sets is a 100% natural product, it is 100% biodegradable, whereas, with other fabrics, such as cotton, it ends up in the landfill and then enters the water system at the end of the product cycle! During the production of our natural linen, the Bambusa factory operates in conformity with ISO9001:2000 quality standard and also passes the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test to make sure no harmful substances remained in the products at the end of the manufacturing process. The bamboo fibers used to manufacture and weave our bamboo doona cover sets have obtained the FSC Chain of Custody Certification – meaning that from the bamboo forest to the fibers, all successive stages of production meet the criteria and rules requested to assure responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.