Bamboo Hand Towels

Make sure your hard-working hands receive the care they deserve with our Bamboo Hand Towels. Eliminate nasty chemicals and toxins on your skin with our naturally antibacterial Bamboo Charcoal Hand Towels. Made from organic bamboo, these hand towels super absorbent and incredibly soft.

Bamboo Hand Towels

Bamboo Hand Towels

Discover a new standard in everyday bathroom luxury with our bamboo hand towels. Enjoy all the health benefits of bamboo towels without the high cost of other premium brands. YoHome are committed to giving you little moments of luxury every day with bamboo hand towels to match your bamboo towel set and face washer.

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Benefits of Bamboo

Luxuriously soft on skin

We’ve woven the silky softness of bamboo into our entire bamboo towel range so you can enjoy the feeling every day. Bamboo is not just soft on skin, it’s also hypoallergenic and OEKO-TEX certified safe for sensitive skin.

Naturally better in every way

Bamboo is one of the world’s fastest growing plants, and each crop uses around 30% of the water needed to grow cotton. Plus unlike cotton, bamboo doesn’t dry out the soil which makes it more sustainable. Bamboo’s natural strength and superior absorption makes it the ideal fibre for premium, affordable fabrics that don’t hurt the environment.

Cleansing and caring

Rough cotton towels aren’t kind to your hands, especially when you wash regularly with soaps that can dry out your skin. Switch to bamboo towels instead to feel the softness of our exclusive blend with every wash.

Strong and absorbent every day

Bamboo hand towels, like our bamboo bath towels and bath sheets, won’t shrink or discolour in the wash. Simply pop them in the machine on a cold cycle and hang dry to enjoy the benefits of bamboo day after day, week after week, wash after wash. Bamboo is antibacterial and moisture wicking, meaning your hand towels stay fluffy, soft and fresh for life.

Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

YoHome bamboo towels were specially developed to provide an indulgently soft touch using a 60% cotton and 40% bamboo blend. Perfect for everyday use in the master bathroom, kitchen, kids’ bathroom and guest bathroom, these bamboo hand towels are sure to impress your family and visitors alike.

You never have to worry about washing thanks to the natural strength of bamboo fibres. Plus with our wide range of bamboo towels and bamboo charcoal products ready to ship Australia-wide, the whole family can enjoy the feeling bamboo in the bathroom and bedroom.

Colour Options to Suit Any Space

Our bamboo hand towels are available in 10 gorgeous shades that won’t fade. Match your hand towels to your bamboo towel set, or mix it up for a splash of brightness in every bathroom. All our bamboo towels are coloured with naturally derived dyes. No harmful chemicals, just the incredible softness of bamboo in everyone’s favourite colour.

Eco Living with YoHome

We’re all to help you find moments of luxury in your daily routine. Discover the wonders of bamboo fabric and ditch your old cotton towels for good. With free and fast shipping Australia wide on every YoHome order over $75, plus affordable bundle packs and a huge range of bamboo hand towels, bamboo towels and bamboo charcoal products, YoHome make eco living easy.

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