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Wrap yourself up in our super absorbent and silky soft Bamboo Bath Towels made with 100% organic, eco-friendly bamboo! The beautiful bamboo fibres gives our Bamboo Bath Towels their unbelievable softness and makes them four times more absorbent than standard cotton.

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Introduce indulgence into your bathroom with a bamboo bath towel. Imagine stepping out of the shower into the luxuriously soft and quick-dry feeling of bamboo fabric. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do away with those old cotton towels sooner.

We’ve road tested our bamboo bath towels with shower singers, quick rinsers, bath bomb aficionados and fussy kids. Everyone seems to agree: bamboo is better.

Bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial, super strong and fast drying. YoHome bamboo towels for adults and kids, bath sheets and face washers are the perfect addition to every Aussie bathroom.



Thanks to the naturally durable bamboo fibre we use in all our products, YoHome bamboo bath towels, bamboo kids towels, bath sheets and face washers stay soft for longer. In fact we offer a 12-month quality guarantee to ensure you’re happy with your choice.


Our bamboo towels are soft on skin, including sensitive skin and allergies. YoHome kids’ towels are not just snuggly with an awesome hood – they are also designed to be safe for kids of all ages. And for adults, our entire bamboo towel range is kind to even the most sensitive skin.


Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Producing bamboo bath towels uses around 1/3 the water of making cotton towels. That means every time you step from the shower into the comfort of a bamboo towel, you can feel good knowing you’re doing the environment a favour.


Think your cotton towels are comfy? Then you really need to wrap yourself in our bamboo bath towels. Cotton towels are notorious for becoming threadbare over time. Bamboo stays snuggly longer, because the naturally strong fibres are more resilient.

Plus, bamboo towels absorb more water to dry faster. Our bamboo kids’ towels are perfect for getting little ones dry at bath time faster than cotton, and they’ll love to wrap themselves in the hooded design.

Our bamboo bath sheets and bath towels are also faster drying than cotton, but that won’t matter because they’re so luxuriously soft that you’ll want to stay wrapped up in bamboo all day.


YoHome bamboo bath towels come in a range of 12 gorgeous tones. All our bamboo towels are coloured with naturally-derived dyes for eco friendly living.

Mix and match towels for you and your partner, or get a few of the same colour for a sleek monochrome bathroom. Our bamboo kids’ towels are available in green and purple. Only luxuriously soft, naturally coloured bamboo bath towels for the whole family.


Bamboo bath towels are a little bit of eco-friendly indulgence in your daily routine. The whole family will love wrapping themselves in a luxuriously soft, fast drying bamboo bath towel.

With shipping protection and free delivery Australia-wide on orders over $75, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of bamboo for less. We can’t be your backup singers at shower time, but we can make sure you dry off in ultimate comfort.