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Summer Quilts

Stay cosy and comfortable all Summer long when you sleep with a quilt from our range of unique and exquisitely designed Summer quilts. Enhance your bedrooms décor with our Quilts available in a stunning variety of colours and materials.

Summer Quilts

Searching for the perfect Summer Quilt? A 100% Bamboo Summer Quilt from YoHome could be just the quilt you are looking for! Always cozy but never cumbersome, our beautifully crafted Bamboo Summer Quilts are a delightful addition to your bedroom decor!

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The durable material is made to last, so you know you’ll be loving your bamboo quilt for years to come. Not just for the bedroom, your quilt can be used as a makeshift picnic blanket for an extra snug outdoor adventure. Our bamboo quilts match any preference or style and are available in Charcoal, Teal, Silver & Pewter or opt for one of 200gsm Alpaca Quilt, Bamboo + Alpaca Blend Bamboo Quilt or 300gsm Bamboo All Season Quilt & pair with one of our Bamboo Doona Cover Sets in the colour of your choice!

Our range of Summer Quilts are:

  • Luxuriously smooth
  • Insulated
  • Eco-friendly
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial

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