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Our bamboo socks provide the ultimate comfort, softness, durability and extra strength. Thanks to their thermo-regulating fabric, your feet can enjoy the right temperature year-round. Even better, our Bamboo Work & Ankle Socks are designed to keep your feet odour-free all day.

Classics Navy Coloured Men’s Bamboo Socks

Bamboo Socks

Is an ordinary sock collection just not for you? Well, we understand that! Not only are our bamboo socks a real luxury to have, our line of funky bamboo socks is guaranteed to make your sock drawer anything but ordinary. Treat your feet with a wide variety of patterns and colours in our men’s bamboo socks.

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Why are our bamboo socks the best?

Our bamboo socks bring with them natural goodness you expect from a bamboo fiber sock; these luscious socks are a blend of cotton and bamboo fibers which gives that extra strength, durability, and softness, that your hard-working feet need. As our socks are being made from a bamboo and cotton blend, your feet will be unbelievably comfortable all day long, and no matter what the weather is our bamboo socks will make your feet feel cold freshness on those hot sunny days, and are kept beautifully warm when the chill hits. Do you have sweaty feet? That’s no longer a problem; as our bamboo socks makes moisture wicked away from your skin, and foot odor will go away.

They’re not only for work, as our men’s bamboo socks can be worn for any activity. Are you heading out for a relaxing afternoon at your favorite cafe with the daily newspaper? Our bamboo socks will keep you and your feet comfortable for the whole day. Are you going for a Weekend walk in the park? These socks will come too! They’re perfect for men that like to stand out where ever you are and will make you smile when every you look down at your feet with our bamboo sock on.

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