Bamboo Clothing

We have a variety of bamboo tops and leggings made with eco-friendly bamboo that ensures the fabric is soft and gentle on the skin. Thanks to this superior fabric our bamboo tops are the perfect alternative for those with eczema or sensitive skin.

Bamboo Charcoal T-Shirt

Bamboo Clothing

Soft to the touch, our bamboo clothing becomes a staple in any wardrobe with its breathable and lightweight fabric. Quality and sustainability are important to us, which is why we’ve created the ultimate clothing basics out of ethically sourced bamboo.

From sleepwear to tops and leggings, our bamboo clothing will have you experiencing a whole new world of comfort unlike any other.

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Benefits of Bamboo

At Yo Home, we’ve picked bamboo as the natural choice for the creation of our clothing.

As an eco-friendly material, bamboo fabric is harvested from bamboo plants – which require naturally less water and are known for being easier to grow. All our bamboo clothing is made in Australia, so you know that your clothes have been produced ethically.

Compared to other synthetic fabrics, bamboo fibres are biodegradable, and their structure works wonders for your body’s thermal regulation.

As well as that, bamboo clothing is generally breathable, moisture-wicking and comfortable to wear, making it extremely ideal for sensitive skin and overall use. Best of all, its durable nature ensures nothing but quality for the years to come.


Bamboo Charcoal Range

Fresh out of our Bamboo Charcoal Range are three key clothing pieces that remain 100% colour and dye-free.

Our Bamboo Charcoal T-shirt and Bamboo Charcoal Singlet are perfect for summertime, while our Bamboo Charcoal Sleepwear Top is ideal for snoozing in or lounging around.

The best part is that all these pieces are extra absorbent and self-deodorizing – meaning that you get a more pleasant wear with lower maintenance.



As tastemakers of eco-friendly apparel in Australia, we are proud to present our line of bamboo clothing in the following styles:

It’s easy to find versatility in each of our pieces. Not only can our bamboo clothing be worn as sleepwear or gym wear, but you can also flaunt it out and about as an effortless everyday alternative.

Aside from its ultimate comfort, our clothing helps you keep cool in the hotter months and warm in winter, due to bamboo’s high insulating quality.

If anyone ever has questions about where you got your beautiful bamboo clothing from, you know where to direct them!


Live An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle With Yo Home

Are you thinking of making the switch to an eco-friendlier lifestyle?

We understand that your wardrobe seems like one of the hardest places to do this – considering the dominant fast fashion culture that comes with living in modern countries like Australia.

However, at Yo Home, we make it easier than ever to be sustainable. Forget about those poorly made clothes! Our bamboo clothing is a dream to those who are looking to purchase quality pieces and keep mindful of the environment.

We’ve taken care to make sure each bamboo clothing piece lasts for years to come – so if eco-living is your priority, we’re here to help you feel good while doing our planet a favour.

Learn more about the ethical use of bamboo here, or get in touch with Yo Home for advice on any of our clothing options!

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