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Our full range of Bamboo Clothing is incredibly soft, breathable, moisture-wicking, biodegradable, and offers superior UV protection. Perfect for active wear or just lounging around.

Bamboo Charcoal T-Shirt

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Bamboo is extremely resilient and durable all while feeling beautifully soft and pleasant to the touch. Our range of sustainable bamboo clothing is designed to look and feel flattering without harming the earth! Our made to last designs are elegant, comfortable and compliment all body shapes.

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We recognize that one size cannot possibly fit everybody & cater for sizes XS to XL. Regardless of your body shape, we are sure to have a size and style to make you look and feel incredible. When wearing our bamboo apparel you can expect:

  • Extreme softness – extremely soft, silky and luxurious to the touch!
  • Hypoallergenic – Bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin and are more gentle than many manmade fibres. The perfect solution for those with sensitive skin.
  • Breathable – Bamboo fabric is naturally thermoregulating so you can expect to stay comfortable regardless of the weather; keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Superior Absorbancy – Bamboo clothing is far more absorbent than cotton and other fabrics all while helping to wick moisture away from the skin.
  • UV protection – Protect yourself and your loved ones from the sun’s harmful rays in comfort and style!
  • Biodegradable – Bamboo is a greener material that can simply be returned back to mother earth.

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