The YoHome Style: Ivory

Whether you are needing a little inspiration for styling your new Ivory bedding or just wanting to change up your current style – we have got you covered! Continue reading to check out some of our fave #yohomeau set up’s featuring our calming 100% Bamboo Ivory Bedding !

Ivory Bamboo Sheet Set by YoHome
If there’s a better way to start the day, we’d love to hear it! Our Ivory Sheet Set setting the perfect morning scene in Chelsea’s stunning bedroom!


Ivory Bamboo Sheet Set by YoHome

We just need a moment to appreciate Mel’s stunning use of Pallets for her bed head! Matched with our Ivory Doona Cover Set!


Ivory Bamboo Sheet Set by YoHome

Just love the way the morning light catches the detail in our 100% bamboo bedding. Our Ivory Sheet Set Pewter /Silver Doona Cover Set – a gorgeous combination in Jenna’s airy bedroom!

Ivory Bamboo Sheet Set by YoHome
Gorgeous Annie getting creative on our Ivory Doona Cover Set100% Bamboo Blanket. Build your dream space with our Bamboo Goodness!

Ivory Bamboo Sheet Set by YoHome
We should’ve warned Liv our sheets are irresistible to furry friends! Seriously though how adorable is Peach on our Dove Grey Doona Cover Set Ivory Fitted Sheet!

Ivory Bamboo Sheet Set by YoHome
Beautiful Bonny showing us that a Green Tea Doona Cover Set + our Ivory Sheet Set is the perfect match! Add some plants (& a watermelon) for the ultimate space!

Feeling inspired? I know we are! CLICK HERE to check out our Ivory 100% Bamboo Bundle Pack & get the look!
Don’t forget to post a pic of your bamboo goodness and tag us on Instagram @yohomeau & #yohomeau – We love to see the beautiful spaces you create!

Images via: @feedingmindbodysoul, @melbolden, @jennacawthray, @annietarasova, @livbutler___, @bonnyrebecca


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