7 Reasons Why You Need a Bamboo Mattress Topper

7 Reasons Why You Need a Bamboo Mattress Topper

There has been a lot of talk about bamboo as a material for bedding lately. Bamboo mattress toppers have become a popular addition to many peoples sleep routines. They provide protection to your mattress and also ensure a healthy sleep all year round. In this article, we list 7 reasons why you need Bamboo Mattress Topper in your life!

Clean and Healthy
It is quite common for people not to wash their mattress toppers/protectors as often as their bed sheets. Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial and anti-microbial which prevents bad bacteria and other nasties from taking root on them. Meaning your bed stays fresher for longer.

Ensure a Better Sleep
A comfortable bed means a sound and deep sleep, allowing you to wake up in the morning feeling nice & refreshedOur bamboo mattress toppers are a soft and breathable under-layer blanket. While bamboo certainly is a hard plant
, it produces the silkiest & softest fabrics available to the market. This means your bamboo mattress protector only adds to the overall comfort of your bed, resulting in the long, restful sleep you deserve!

Added Protection
Rather than a thin mattress protector, this mattress topper is slightly thicker. With a 120gsm bamboo filling, this is a lightweight two in one mattress topper and protector! Sleep better and keep your mattress nice and clean while you are at it.

Year Round Use
Adding a bamboo mattress topper underneath your fitted sheet is bound to give you the best sleep possible all year round! Bamboo naturally regulates your body temperature, keeping you nice and cool in summer and toasty and warm during cool Winter nights.

Great for Sensitive Skin
Bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep without worry. Since bamboo requires no chemical treatments to grow, the fibres are naturally very smooth resulting in a fabric that is extremely comfortable and soft to the touch, even for those with very sensitive skin. Bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin so you can enjoy hours on hours of comfortable sleep without worry.

Easy Care
Our Bamboo mattress protector is super easy to care. Simply pop it in a front loader machine on a gentle cycle wash. Use cold water - 30 degrees maximum & line dry in shade. Do not bleach, soak or add any softener.

So there you have it, the benefits of bamboo bedding and toppers make purchasing them a fantastic option for many shoppers. If you’re in the market for a new mattress topper or even some new bedding, check out our full range of Bamboo Bedding HERE - also check out our new products below: 

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