Healthy Chocolate Yogurt Bowls // @healthyeating_jo

Healthy Chocolate Yogurt Bowls // @healthyeating_jo

Are you a sweet or savoury breakfast person? I have recently decided I am on the Sweet Team! If you are like me & love a sweet start (…and middle… and end) to your day, you wont be able to go past these mouth-watering Chocolate Yogurt Bowls by our very talented friend Jo from @healthyeating_jo! Chocolate and fruit, just seem to go hand in hand & when all mixed together they create quick & easy breakfast magic! Jo created her bowls using a plant based yogurt mixed with 3 easy ingredients & then topped with yummy fruit - Pretty simple huh!! Check out what was used below: 

-1 cup yogurt of choice
-1 Tbsp Cacao powder
-1/2 tsp vanilla extract

-Natural sweetener to taste (Stevia, Rice malt syrup, Maple)

Chocolate Yogurt BowlsSimply mix the ingredients well in a bowl and get decorating with your fave fruits & tasty treats! Jo topped hers with fruit and homemade Choccy hearts! How cuuute!

This is one of our favourite combinations - it's just bursting with all of those good nutrients, jam packed with of antioxidants and will leave your taste buds happy and satisfied. Thanks so much again to the beautiful Jo - Be sure to check our her Inspirational Instagram  & Website, you definitely won't regret it!  And don't forget to keep an eye on our social media feeds for more goodness like this! xx

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Chocolate Yogurt Bowls