Create your own Self Care Bath Ritual

Create your own Self Care Bath Ritual

In a world that demands so much of our time and energy to get things done & nurture the relationships in our life, sometimes it can be downright difficult to prioritise our own well being! We have recently discovered the benefits of creating a Self Care Bath Routine to help keep the stress-levels low & have a little slice of much needed ‘me-time’.

Self care is important because it helps you to maintain or even enhance your lifestyle, reduce stress, and learn more about yourself as an individual. To help out, we have popped together a list of some of our favourite things to include in our Bath Time Routines!

A Healthy Drink

Treat yourself to a beverage of your choice during your next bath! It could be anything from a fresh Juice/Smoothie to Kombucha to our personal favourite – TEA! A cup of tea can be an easy and delicious way to relax during your self-care time. A few options are: Lavender tea to promote calm, rose-hips to promote self love and patchouli tea to help attract your dreams.


Sound or Silence

Depending on our mood we sometimes like to listen to a good podcast, relaxing playlist, watch a YouTube video or we will stick to sweet, sweet silence & spend time meditating or reading a nice book. If you are looking for some good books to read we can recommend: The Self-Love Experiment by Shannon Kaiser, Silence by Erling Kagge & Ikigai by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles.

Vibe Enhancers

The addition of bubbles, rose petals & candles can be added to your bath & be used to set the mood & create the perfect vibe during your self care time. What you use is totally up to you & what you enjoy! We personally love using calming essential oils such as Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint during our routine, weather it be simply adding a few drops to the water or using them in a body scrub – check out our DIY Essential Oil Sugar Scrub blog post HERE!


A Warm Bamboo Snug

There is nothing better than stepping out of a warm bath & wrapping yourself in our lush Bamboo Bath Towels – they bring a little touch of luxury & a whole lot of comfort to your self care routine. Bamboo fabric also carries many benefits for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin. As an antimicrobial material, Bamboo towels minimise the risks of having allergic reactions and don’t cause skin irritation.

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