Our Bamboo Charcoal range // The new everyday fabric technology!

Introducing our Bamboo Charcoal Range //

The new everyday fabric technology!

When browsing our website, you may have come across our ‘Bamboo Charcoal’ bed sheets & left wondering what is Bamboo Charcoal & how is it different to our normal bamboo bedding?
Referred to as “the Black Diamond” in ancient Japan, Bamboo Charcoal has been used for purifying water, eliminating odours, even in tea and foods – View our blog all about Activated Charcoal HERE. Thanks to new technology, bamboo can now be found in everything from toothpaste, gut-health supplements to bamboo bedding sets and apparel.
When combined with Bamboo fibers, bamboo charcoal enables the fabric to remain fresher for longer all while retaining that silky soft feeling!

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Why Choose Bamboo Charcoal?

100% Colour and Dye-free

The natural pigment of our bamboo charcoal bedding, towels and apparel is a result of the bamboo charcoal being woven together with natural bamboo fibres creating it’s beautiful, deep, charcoal grey tones.


Gentle on your Skin and Hair 

The hypoallergenic and breathable nature of bamboo charcoal helps to prevent skin irritations and is gentle on sensitive skin. Bamboo Charcoal also keeps a balanced charge in fabric to help reduce static buildup – meaning no more frizzy wake-up’s! CLICK HERE to view more about our new Charcoal + Magnesium Sensitive-skin deodorant!


Naturally Thermogenic

The superior ventilation and wicking properties of Bamboo Charcoal materials means it is ideal for all four seasons. From staying dry in summer to keeping cosy in winter, Bamboo Charcoal offers easily the most comfortable sheets all year round!


The Earth will Thank You!

Bamboo regenerates naturally through an extensive root system that sends out an average of four to six new shoots per year meaning no land degradation or environmental upset occurs! Score the softest sheets while still looking after mother earth!

yohome bamboo charcoal is make

Bamboo + Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo yarn is produced by pulverising the bamboo stalks and then regenerating the fibre – The organic solvent and water in the process is recycled and reused up to 200 times meaning minimal impact on this beautiful planet! Bamboo fabric is extremely soft & super breathable. Bamboo charcoal is produced simply by burning organic bamboo at 800°C in a closed-up system, then grinding and filtering it into a nano-sized powder. The organic bamboo charcoal that is produced during this process is 100% safe to use in fabric and also directly on the skin. Due to the growth characteristics of bamboo, millions of tiny holes are created as the plant densifies as it matures – It is these tiny holes that ultimately give the resulting bamboo charcoal its revolutionary abilities as both a deodorizer and dehumidifier.

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Why Organic Bamboo Charcoal Works

Thanks to its natural antibacterial, anti-fungal and absorbent properties, with a highly porous surface, Bamboo Charcoal is amazing at absorbing and removing harmful particles and bacteria from your body, skin, hair and even drinking water and the air.
Bamboo Charcoal adsorbs odour and pollutant particles by trapping them while air or water flows through the pores, purifying the surrounding air or water in the process – this is due to the massive surface area to mass ratio, with a single gram of bamboo charcoal containing as much as 600 square meters (or 717.6 square yards) of surface area. According to some research, bamboo charcoal can absorb formaldehyde at a rate of 16% ~ 19.39%; as for benzene, the rate is 8.69% ~ 10.08%; as for toluene, the rate is 5.65% ~ 8.42%; ammonia with the rate of 22.73% ~ 30.65%; chloroform with the high rate of 40.68%
According to ITRI test results, when a 500W halogen light shone on the bamboo charcoal yarn for 10 minutes, the yarn emits far more infrared rays 87% ~ 92%, and warm up temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than for instance wool’s 5 degrees Celsius.



Bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular material with environmentally conscious consumers because it’s one of the most sustainable resources available. When harvested correctly, bamboo regenerates itself indefinitely without any human intervention or synthetic materials (fertiliser, pesticides etc.) Because Bamboo Charcoal is a 100% natural product, it is 100% biodegradable, where as with other fabrics, such as cotton, it ends up in the landfill and then enters the water system at the end of the product cycle.

bamboo charcoal vs cotton table

During production, the Bambusa factory operates in conformity with ISO9001:2000 quality standard and also passes the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 test to make sure no harmful substances remained in the products at the end of the manufacturing process. The bamboo fibers used to manufacture and weave our Bamboo & Bamboo Charcoal products have obtained the FSC Chain of Custody Certification – meaning that from the bamboo forest to the fibers, all successive stages of production meet the criteria and rules requested to assure a responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.

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By now you should probably be getting a hold of why we’re calling Bamboo Charcoal the new black – its extra absorbent, antimicrobial, antibacterial, self-deodorizing, purifying, super durable, eco-friendly qualities make it crazy good, duh! And why treat your precious skin and health to anything less?

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