Invest in Bamboo Alpaca Manchester!

Invest in Bamboo Alpaca Manchester!

As you may already know, we are huge lovers of bamboo bedding. So when you asked us to find the best bamboo Manchester, we listened and took on the challenge of sourcing the best quality, affordable and comfy quilts and pillows – This is what brought us to these amazing bamboo/alpaca quilts & pillows.

Our new collection of Manchester features a luxuriously soft blend of 40% alpaca fleece and 60% bamboo fibre. This natural sleeping comfort is truly an Australian made innovation.


Why Alpaca?

Alpacas originated high in the Andes mountains of South America, which high altitude extremes, heat in summer and very low temperatures in the winter. Alpaca was referred to the ‘fibre of the gods’ for it’s amazing qualities. In recent years, alpacas have been exported to Australia, where breeders shear them annually, weight the fleeces and test them for fineness.

Alpaca fleece is free of lanolin (a fatty substance found naturally on sheep’s wool) and therefore doesn’t require chemical scouring to clean the fibre. The fibre is semi hollow, which explains its unique lightweight feel and its superior thermal and warmth performance in bedding products. Alpaca fleece is also a rare, exotic natural fibre that is relatively new (15 years) in bedding. It is ideally suited to bedding quilts, duvets and doonas especially where “warmth without the weight’ is such an important factor in sleeping comfort.

The beautiful quilts are manufactured without any chemicals, other than a bit of water in summer to assist the processing of the fibre, so they are virtually chemical free. In regards to the cover fabrics, they are Oeko-Tex certified in Switzerland to be free of any harmful or toxic questions.


How is Alpaca taken?

Alpacas are sheared like a sheep. This is necessary to be done once a year (max two years) for the overall health of the animal. It does not harm the animal, and in fact makes them feel a whole lot better. All of the breeders that Kelly & Windsor are aware of, treat their animals extremely well as they are an expensive animal to purchase and therefore it is not in their best interest to mistreat.

They are beautiful animals with lovely dispositions, and do require a fair bit of care and interest to keep them healthy. If they are not health and happy, the quality of their fleece is affected, resulting in lower prices when selling the fleece.


Comparison of fibre filled quilts

So how does alpaca compare with other fibres in quilt fillings? Alpaca fleece ranks very highly compared to other natural and synthetic fibres in bed quilts which can be seen in our fibre comparison table.

Overall alpaca fleece is softer, warmer, has a superior warmth to weight ratio, is moisture absorbent and provides an optimal temperature balance when used in bed quilts. When mixed with bamboo, the quilt has even higher moisture absorbency.



Bamboo/Alpaca Quilts, Pillows & Mattress Toppers


  • They are luxuriously soft with a luxurious handle
  • Lightweight yet warm
  • Moisture absorbent (warm in Winter & cool in Summer)
  • Natural, chemical free
  • Non allergenic
  • Machine washable, easy care
  • 100% Australian made with a five year quality guarantee

These are just a few of the incredible benefits of these luxury quilts. We have four amazing sizes, shop them here.

Alpaca Quilt & Pillow

Bamboo/Alpaca pillows

A new and clever pillow filling system, the OptiFill pillow filling fibre is carded and then quilted inside a premium quality luxuxrious piped box wall cotton sateen casing. The new OptiFill pillow design prevents the filling fibre from moving around and lumping with use. This makes the pillows maintain their shape and profile to look good on the bed for years to come.
Filled with a blend of 50% alpaca and 50% high performance fibre, the Alpaca Optifill pillows are available in three loft variations to suit every type of sleeper, which you can shop here.


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