A Guide to Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

A Guide to Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

For an environmentally conscious bride, making your wedding eco-friendly will be a top priority. Every choice makes a difference. Today, we have put together this little guide to help you plan your wedding as green as possible without sacrificing your budget, vision or sanity!



Millions of trees are toppled every year to make paper products, and the process of producing these items pollutes the environment. When looking at your Save the Date & Wedding invitations it is best to look into recycled paper options & either creating your own DIY Wedding Invitations or finding a company that prints with eco-friendly inks such as soy or vegetable based. There are also companies such as Seed Paper Australia that create paper products which are embedded with tiny seeds so your guests can simply plant the paper, water it and let it grow! 
A lot more brides are also starting to take the paperless route when it comes to invitations by simply sending out an e-invite or creating a wedding website! You can offer all the necessary information for your guests, such as location, menu options and registry list. Your guests can also RSVP via this website and print off directions to the venue. You’ll save trees, ink and costs!

Eco-friendly wedding invitations - A Guide to Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

It is now easier than ever to source delicious & earth-friendly food! No matter how you choose to design your menu, using in-season local and organic foods will decrease your carbon footprint all while supporting the local economy. When food is purchased directly from local farmers, your food requires less time in the fridge, less packaging & less transport resulting in fresh produce that is kinder on mother earth! It is also important to consider eco-friendly drink & alcohol options & if possible using local brands.
Try not to over-cater, as a lot of this food will end up as waste. Also look into donating leftover food to your charities such as Fareshare or SecondBite. 

Catering - A Guide to Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

The average engagement ring cost in Australia was last reported (2017) to be around the between $15,000 and $20,000This puts a massive sum of money each year into the jewellery market that could be easily infused into the green economy through the purchase of socially and environmentally responsible rings. Its is an awesome idea to find a company who work with recycled and/or ethically sourced stones & metals. Choose a “conflict free” wedding band & make sure any diamonds you buy are certified to be ecologically and socially responsible as many diamonds are mined in countries ravaged by war as a result of these little stones. 
Family heirlooms, vintage or antique pieces are another alternative. This way you limit the use of virgin material, and carry on a tradition!

Eco-friendly wedding rings - A Guide to Planning Your Eco-Friendly Wedding
Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Travel - Try to minimise the travel times for you & your guests. Hold your ceremony & reception in one place for example.
  • Venue - Choose a venue that promotes sustainable practices.
  • Dress - Opt for a vintage recycled dress or find an eco-friendly company.
  • Flowers - Use local, seasonal & organic flowers. Potted plants & flowers are another good option so they can be used post-wedding.
  • Registry - Ask for donations to a charity or to go towards your green honeymoon!
  • Get thrifty/creative - Recycle & get creative with your decorations.
  • Post Celebration - Reuse or recycle!

Whatever you can do to save energy, money and the environment is worth it. Whether you simply hire a green wedding planner to implement all of your ideas and then some, or just use paperless posts, you’ll be doing your wallet and the earth a favour!

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