Snuggle up with our eco-friendly and luxuriously soft Pillows. Our range is carefully crafted with the most luxurious fabric with a variety of choices to ensure you find the right pillow for you & get the good night sleep you deserve!

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  • Superior Pillow - Two Pillows

    Superior Pillow (back-order)

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  • Pillow Protector - Tencel

    Pillow Protector – Tencel

  • Blend Bamboo Alpaca Pillow

    Blend Bamboo Alpaca Pillow

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  • Alpaca Optifill Pillow

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  • Ecorenew Tencel Pillow



Proudly made in Australia with comfort and sustainability in mind, our bamboo pillows and pillow protectors are complete assets to any bedroom. We believe that one of life’s simplest and greatest luxuries is getting a good night’s sleep.

Hence, you can rest assured knowing that Yo Home’s organic collection of bamboo pillows and pillow protectors align with both the planet and your wellbeing.


Aside from its soft touch and gentle comfort, bamboo is the perfect pillow and bedding fabric for many reasons.

As a hypoallergenic and moisture-wicking material, bamboo is great for sensitive skin and allows your skin to stay nice and dry. As well as that, the highly insulating quality of bamboo has the dual purpose of helping your body retain warmth in winter, and keeping you cool during summer.

Not only is bamboo ideal for bedding and everyday apparel, but it is also eco-friendlier to produce. As the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo is relatively easy to grow and harvest – while requiring less water than cotton or trees. Did we mention growing bamboo also doesn’t require pesticides?

That’s why bamboo is the natural choice for Yo Hone’s premium pillow and bedding products.


As leaders in the Australian bedding industry, our specialists have considered the factors of comfort and convenience to provide you with the ultimate slumber.

Whether you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper, Yo Home has the perfect bamboo pillow option that will mould to and support both your head and neck.


Our Superior Pillow comes with 100% hypoallergenic micro-loft fibre filling. Not only is it lightweight and supportive, but it also carries all the plushness of a Duck Down pillow – without the big price tag or any ducks harmed in the process!

On the other hand, our Blend Bamboo Alpaca Pillow and Alpaca Optifill Pillow also make use of ethically sourced alpaca fleece. These semi-hollow pillows are expertly designed to be comfortable and breathable, while maintaining an even filling distribution and excellent thermal performance.

Derived from plantation timber and blended with a high lofting fibre, our Ecorenew Tencel Pillow has been specially created for allergy sufferers and asthmatics. These pillows carry the Sensitive Choice seal of approval from the National Asthma Council Australia to help allergy sufferers and asthmatics to easily make the best decision.


At Yo Home, our organic bamboo pillows are available in three profile ranges to accommodate all types of sleepers:

Low profile – Thinner pillow; for those that like a thinner pillow style.

Medium profile – Medium-filled pillow; for comfort and support.

High profile – Fuller pillow; for those that prefer a fuller pillow for sleeping or relaxing in bed.


As a sustainable Australian bedding company that has been in the industry for years, we’re dedicated to bringing the beauty and versatility of bamboo products into your bedroom.

Let our exceptional bamboo pillows, pillow protectors and bedding set the standard as they strengthen the quality of your sleep.

For any enquiries regarding our products or your order, don’t hesitate to contact our team today!